Monday, September 26, 2011

Katanarama, Chimichangas

Hi all, its Fusion Warrior, I guess its about time I made a blog or something. I bet very few people will read this but that is okay. Obviously I love Deadpool and Mewtwo!

I do not have much to say at this time... Maybe someday I will publish photos or even start drawing again and post them here, but I am very happy with my girlfriend, Rooster, and have found a lot of peace that I have been missing. Life is good right now, and I hope it will be so forever. With Rooster by my side, I doubt my luck will ever change for the ill.

Take care of yourselves!


1 comment:

  1. Fusion, A+! So far your blog is adorable, just like you! I love the Deadpool and Mewtwo graphics and the Pokemon eggs. I have no doubt about your identity. ;-) Do put up some drawings here. How about me blowing Hellcat's brains out? I have no aversion; it's just a hypothetical scenario.
    Love you! Sending Metta Mega from my little piece of the Blogiverse.